Boat and Gear

Flats fishing boat

This is the boat you will be fishing from. It is a Maverick HPX-V 18

Light tackle fishing:

We’ll be using G. Loomis rods, Shimano and Penn reels, super-braid fishing line, DOA lures, and Rip Tide lures, to name a few or live bait if you prefer.

spinning reels are usually spooled with 8-10 pound test line for most species. Tarpon fishing and fishing for big snook usually require 15-20 pound test.  My heavyweight tackle is lighter than most fisherman’s ”  light tackle”.

Fly fishing:

For fly rods, I can provide Scott Fly Rod’s  new Meridian fly rod. It will probably be the best fly rod you’ve ever thrown. This rod will add distance to your cast whatever level you’re currently at.  I also use Hatch and Lamson fly reels. So you can see that I spare no expense when it comes to providing you with the best fly tackle made.  I always carry more flies than we could possibly need in one fly box and “proven” flies in another box. For Fly lines, I usually use Royal Wuff triangle taper and Rio fly lines. I like them both and it seems to work well for me. Besides custom tied flies, I also use Enrico Puglisi flies because they work.

For additional information on fish species refer to the Florida Fish and Wildlife website.


The above photo is the boat you will be fishing from. This boat is specifically designed to fish in very shallow waters away from the crowed fishing areas. This boat has zero hull slap and that allows us to get much closer to the fish without them even knowing we are there. Fish are much smarter than used to be, so every little advantage may mean the difference between success or not.

If you are looking for a big family style boat, then I would not be your best bet. However, I can refer you to someone good.