Colder here than Minnesota

At least it felt like that anyway. For proof, here is a picture of a very cold angler and who happens to live in Minnesota.

That very cold angler is Rebecca and she and her dad Ken were one of very few anglers in Fort Myers and the Sanibel Island area that were brave enough to fish during the recent major cold snap. Actually Ken and I fished several days and I don’t think we saw the wind any less than 18 mph. On two occasions the water temp was 53 and 54 degrees, respectively. Our usual water temp in January is around 60 and that is very cold to the fish in itself, but 53 degree water temp is bordering on dangerous for the fish, especially snook.
But good things come to anglers that are adventurous and a little crazy as the below pictures will show.
In addition to the water being very frigid, the air temperature on one morning was 37 degrees with wind blowing 25 mph out of the north. Who in the hell goes fishing on a day like that, someone from Minnesota that’s who. But even Ken and Rebecca said it felt like a Minnesota winter day.
Well, you can’t catch fish sitting at home bored!

Those Minnesotans are tough people. Now if only they were Packer fans