Post Irma Fishing

Other than just riding around on my boat looking for fish, yesterday was my first fishing charter since hurricane Irma. The water is still dark and a little on the ugly side as compared to our usual beautiful green water. There are also almost no boats on the water which is very unusual given the beautiful weather we’ve been given since the big storm. Since we’ve had very little to no rain lately, I’m confident the water will improve rapidly.

My buddy Stu  was in town to help his daughter from the effects of the hurricane. Since all is clear now he wanted to do some fishing before heading back north. We definitely did not catch fish all day long and at every stop, but we did catch a lot of small snook and one huge snook. He also caught some Jacks, trout, lady fish and one redfish was hooked but lost it at boat side. All fish were caught on artificial’s and not live bait too. We also saw quite a few tarpon rolling and feeding on super tiny minnows. Regrettably we didn’t manage to hook any of them but it wasn’t without effort. I think if we were fly fishing we would have stood a much better chance hooking the tarpon because the fly would have more closely matched the minnows that the fish were feeding on.

So it would appear the fishing is returning to whatever “normal” is. Below are some pictures of just some of the fish we caught.



SnookSnook being caughtJack fishSanibel Island fishing charter snook